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Bike Path

Curriculum + Route

Our 2023 team is hard at work on our curriculum and route! Scroll down for updates as we host each learning festival.


This is our current route! It includes cities and towns that we will be staying overnight, learning festivals, as well as day trips such as national and state parks we plan on visiting. 

Learning Festival 1: DC Jail and Youth Services Center

Our first learning festival was at the Washington DC Jail and YSC co-hosted by Judge Zia Faruqui and Reentry Fellow Mariam Sayeed (thank you for creating this incredible opportunity and sharing your work with us, and the community!)

Teachers Joy and Vin started the morning hanging out with adult high school students at the DC Department of corrections, and joined the rest of the team at the YSC with students age 11-19.

Total, we taught

  • "Under Pressure"

  • "Cabbage Juice Chromatography"

  • "Making Yogurt" and

  • "Diffusion Through Membranes"

and met over 50 teenagers and students at the correctional facility and youth services center.

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