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Day 25: A Visit to the Doc

June 29, 2023

Salem, MO -> Mountain Grove, MO

58.37 mi, 2663 ft elev gain

I've accepted the fact that all my blogging days fall on my driving days. So while everyone was making the treacherous ride to Mountain Grove, Vin and I packed up the car in Salem, MO, got brunch at a local diner, and even went on a quick shopping trip to the local Walmart.

We went to Main Street Country Corner Café upon the recommendation of our host Sarah! For a total of $19.00 (including tax and tip!) we were able to get two HUGE meals (see picture below for proof).

We then made our way to Mountain Grove, MO and met out wonderful hosts Megan and Will on their farm! They welcomed us with a meal, three dogs, two cats, their adorable future paleontologist daughter, and AIR CONDITIONING! After the 102 °F heat outside this was a wonderful oasis.

After a struggle over 6 miles of gravel and a couple of rescue pick ups (everyone was mostly uninjured - just a little dusty), the crew showered and ate, and after a hearty lunch, promptly napped.

After the power nap we heard stories about Megan and Will's bike trips, Megan's journey in veterinary medicine (including stories about working with cows! I love cows <3 ), and about their up-and-coming pesto business. We had an amazing dinner which included vegetarian and meat pot pies (recipe courtesy of Will's mom but cooked and decorated by Megan and Will!) They were DELICIOUS and we obliterated 2.5 meat pies and 1.5 vegetarian pies followed by cake.

We had an after dinner treat when Lydia brought out Coco the sheep! This was a great reprieve to see so many (alive) animals and get to chat with an animal doctor (haha does the title make sense now?)

After a long day, everyone enjoyed petting the adorable dogs (Andrew took an alternative route and tried to deadlift Roma - but to each their own) and unwinding.


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