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  • Mariela Perez-Cabarcas

Belated Day 3: Our First Learning Festival ✨on the road✨

Howdy everyone, Mariela here! This was the day of our very first learning festival on the road to SF. We woke up on the floor of the Louisa County Fire Station to the sound of Franklin preparing a classic breakfast of greek yogurt and granola with a side of a tuna salad, freshly made with that same greek yogurt. We were out the door slightly behind schedule, which was usual as we all adjusted to early morning wake ups. We arrived to the Louisa County Public Library and prepared for our first students to arrive. They gave us their mostly undivided attention as we taught them about 3D printing, music, leaf chromatography, circuits, and solar cells. We took a brief pizza break for lunch and played Frisbee and Museum with the kids outside. Lunch was followed by one last session of workshops and cleanup.

Per the recommendation of Ophelia, our learning festival coordinator at the library, we went to Frosties for some delicious soft serve (featuring vanilla, chocolate, orange creamsicle) and nacho hotdogs.

We journeyed back to our temporary refuge at the fire station and shot some hoops while we waited for Sophia's friend Andrew to bring us to our next stop in Charlottesville. We chatted with Andrew about music and life and made it to his home for a delicious Chinese take out dinner followed by a homemade beautifully decorated cake, featuring an extremely lifelike rendition of our main mode of transportation this summer.

Andrew treated us to tea alongside our cake and we went to bed with full and warm bellies as we awaited the rest day to come.

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