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Day 11: Why did the turtle cross the road?

Updated: Jun 18, 2023

Thursday June 15th, 2023

Breaks Interstate Park, VA -> Hazard, KY

78.4 Miles. 3,902 Ft Elevation gain

Biking really allows you to slow down the pace of life and and appreciate the world around you – unless you are struggling up the hill and trying to avoid seeing roadkill.

These experiences make rest days all the more bittersweet:

Positives: Getting to buy food, Resting, enjoying the small town

Negatives: missing out on fun biking experiences (i.e. petting horses and going to county fairs)

But today, I was driving with Vin in the passenger seat. We departed from Breaks Interstate Park after reorganizing the car (it makes me so zen to organize). After a night of rain we had to wash off the dirt (and many many spiders) before packing everything.

After leaving Breaks Interstate Park we quickly entered Kentucky! One state down, eight to go! The highway soon turned into windy country roads and we began coasting through the countryside. After a quick grocery stop, Vin navigated to the lunch stop using an old fashioned map! Who says kids these days don't know how to live without technology? For clarity I would like to mention that I lost signal soon after entering Kentucky and necessity is the mother of invention –

After lunch we started on the road to Hazard, Kentucky when I noticed a turtle scuttling across the road!

After swerving around it and remembering all the broken turtle shells on the side of the road, I pulled over and Vin went to rescue the turtle (look how cute!).

It made me wonder why the turtle ever tried to cross the road from the creek to the dirt patch on the other side? What are your thoughts?

After our animal rescue we got to Hazard and made our way to the super cute Victorian style Bed & Breakfast called Harmony House where Sherry the owner ordered us Mexican food (so delish)!

Even when I'm not biking I can appreciate the beauty and wonder of all of the towns we are passing through and people we get to meet!


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