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Day 14: what i packed for 75 days of biking & teaching across the US

Sunday, June 18, 2023

Berea, KY -> Lebanon, KY

73 miles. 3,964 ft elevation gain.

hello everyone! today was another lovely day of biking (much better than yesterday), but we’ve had many blogs about such days recently, so i figured i would switch it up and instead share what i packed in my suitcase and drawstring bag for a 75 day trip of biking and teaching across the US! hopefully, this list will be helpful to anyone who may be planning a similar trip, and for next year’s Spokes team!

while i was packing, i felt like i was overpacking, but it turns out that i am one of the lightest packers in our group. Here are my personal belongings (the camping and teaching equipment are packed separately in the van).

SUITCASE (carry-on size)

workout clothes

warm/outdoors clothes

regular clothes

biking stuff



SMALL BAG (consisting of a tote bag inside a drawstring bag)




What would you bring on a 75 day trip that I didn't include? Let me know in the comments!

PS. check out our playlist below and continue adding songs at this link!


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