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Day 18: ...Take Me Home...

Thursday June 22, 2023

Utica, KY -> Harrisburg, IL

93.7 mi 2,771 ft elevation gain

I tend to sing to myself when biking. For example, after falling when a Mack truck honked at me, I had the lyrics from a certain Cardi B song stuck in my head (I want you to park that big mack truck...).

While the rest of the team sped on from Utica to Harrisburg, I was driving today. The rolling hills reminded me of Country Roads by John Denver.

After sending off the team on their 93 mile adventure, Vin cuddled some cats (that's Ziggy) and we were off to grocery shop at Walmart.

After Vin's exciting flat tire yesterday, we decided to replace his tires and buy an extra in case the team ran into trouble. This chore led us to Evansville, Indiana (woo, another state off the list!), which took us 2 hours out of the way. We then met the team in Shawnee Town, IL for lunch!

Ok, but serious debate: which state gets to claim Lincoln? Illinois as the Land of Lincoln vs Indiana as Lincoln's boyhood home?

After lunch, Joy, Vin and I got ice cream before heading to our hosts Brad and Sherie in Harrisburg. The team biked super fast with our +1 (Loïc from France) but Audrey suffered a (minor) crash :( Our hosts cooked up a delicious meal + oatmeal cookies for dessert and shared their adventures biking across the US!

Sometimes Country Roads evokes the desire to go home and be comfortable in my own bed, but sometimes it makes me really appreciate the rolling hills and pastures, the small town shops and ice cream spots, and the amazing people you meet along the way.


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