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Day 21: pseudo-rest day

Sunday, June 25, 2023

St. Louis, IL -> Arnold, IL

11 miles. 549 ft elevation gain.

with only one hour of biking set for today, we considered it a rest day and saved the cycling for the evening (also to avoid the 95 degree heat!). here’s how our day went:

we woke up in St. Louis the the smell of Vietnamese pancakes (Andrew has been cooking up a feast this whole weekend)! it was the best breakfast of the trip so far.

next, we went off the the botanical garden, which was absolutely stunning, especially with the Chihuly blown glass pieces sited in dialogue with the environment. thank you to our hosts Lydia & Chris for the recommendation and for the tickets!

everyone we’ve met in St. Louis has raved about the City Museum, describing it as a place like no other where you can embrace your inner child. Duha, Vin and I decided that we had to check it out. it definitely lived up to the hype — I’m not sure I could describe the experience in words, so check out these pictures instead!

by now, we were starving, so we went to Medina Grill nearby for some halal food. it was so delicious that we devoured it before remembering to take a picture!

we then headed back to our hosts’ place to pack and prepare for our ride. we took this picture right before leaving. Thank you so much to Lydia & Chris for the incredible stay in St. Louis!

and we’re off! one hour ride through the suburbs of St. Louis. we arrived to some delicious tacos (thank you Judith & Michael!) and a very helpful 5-year old named Max who assisted in unloading the van :)

that’s a wrap for today! ready to recharge for our learning festival tomorrow.

P.S. check out some footage of our rides through Kentucky from Lucy's GoPro!


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