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Day 22: Arnold Learning Festival

June 26, 2023

Arnold, MO -> Arnold, MO

Mileage: N/A

Elevation: N/A

Hello Y'all, sorry for the delayed post for Day 21. This was our 3rd Learning festival, and we had roughly 30 students attend, all ranging in grade between early elementary to high school! Below are some pictures of the activities we've done!

In Audrey's session, the students were able to experiment with toothpicks and marshmallows to create lattices to learn more about geometry and joinery.

In Katherine's session, the students were able to dabble a little bit into chemistry with acids and bases. Using red cabbage juice as a pH indicator, they were able to visually inspect the acidity of various liquids such as lemon juice, bleach, and more!

In my main workshop, I was teaching about the 3D printing process and how to design the components on CAD, which stands for computer-aided design. First, I brought in demos of 3D printed parts (the black objects on the far right-end table) and had the students calculate all the necessary measurements they think they needed, such as the lengths, widths, outer and inner diameters of circles. Once all the values were obtained, the students were able to learn about the various functions that the CAD software had to offer, such as sketching, extrusions, and more!

With the spirit of biking across the country, it also made sense to talk about bike education and how road bikes work! In my second workshop, the students were able to hop on my bike equipped with a power meter and measure their total wattage output. Not only did this give the kids an outlet for all their enthusiastic energy, but also learn more about how much power one can generate and the relative scale of how much power is consumed by common household appliances. After each student had a turn on my bike, I talked a little bit more about the components of the bike such as the rear derailleur, chainring, and cassette and how they worked.

Vin's workshop was all about pressure. With cups of various sizes and material, the students were able to actively learn about weight distribution and balance. Each student had to support their own weight using as few cups as possible. Although, some cups worked definitely better than others!


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