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Day 24: I killed a baby turtle

June 28, 2023

Council Bluff->Salem, MO

44.58 mi, 2909 ft elev gain

Wow, say 24... my mind is blown. We've been together for... almost a month. On the road, doing this crazy experiment 🤩. Amazing.

I was designated driver today, the car was quite disarrayed from the previous day when we all unloaded and made a lake day and dinner... but as Audrey discovered a few days ago, we have plenty of room for all of our stuff, even if it isn't all neatly packed and stacked together! So after everyone took off, I packed the car:

here's what it looked like the first time I packed, for reference:

Do you see a difference?

Sadly when I was driving, I heard a little thud... the sound of our van running over a little innocent turtle crossing the street.

After lots of winding roads and listening to Zendaya monologues in Malcolm and Marie, I finally made it to the Salem, MO Walmart Supercenter (our go-to!) picked up our groceries for the day and met up with the team as they pulled in from biking.

Sonic run

A typical lunch vibe while we're biking on the go


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