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Day 28: what we eat in a day!

Sunday, July 2, 2023

Pittsburg, KS -> Chanute, KS

61 miles. 1,283 ft elevation gain.

every day looks different when it comes to food, depending on our current selection of groceries and if we cook dinner, but today turned out to have especially tasty meals!

our day started off with a delicious breakfast made by our hosts (thank you Emily & Allison!), consisting of biscuits & gravy, scrambled eggs, and sausages. great fuel for our ride ahead!

despite our hearty breakfast, most of us do tend to get hungry while biking, especially since we have been skipping our long lunch breaks to avoid biking during the peak of the heat. to satiate our hunger until the end of the ride, we each carry some biking snacks, but our preferences tend to vary! here is everyone's go-to snack while biking:

  • mine: Oreos (thank you Vin for the recommendation, sorry for roasting oreos as a biking snack in the beginning), apple sauce, occasionally Clif bars

  • Andrew: apple sauce, gas station pizza, and a gatorade

  • Duha: no snacks, unless absolutely necessary — then apple sauce

  • Joy: salty nuts and gummies in a ziplock bag taped to her bike

  • Katherine: nut bars, apple sauce and chocolate milk

  • Lucy: her original trail mix recipe (Cheerios, baby Goldfish, walnuts, and m&m's) and chocolate milk

  • Vin: mostly Oreos, sometimes Starbursts, guava candy, and lemonade in his water bottle

what would be your go-to biking snack?

once we arrived in Chanute, we were all starving, so we decided to treat ourselves to lunch at El Rincon Azteca Mexican Restaurant. it was delicious and quite filling!

later in the evening, we devoured pizza for dinner, provided by the Faith Bible Church (thank you Steve!). they also gave us some more biking snacks :)

bon appétit!


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