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Day 3: A Necessary Res(e)t Day

Wednesday, June 5th, 2024

Linden, VA -> Linden, VA

0 mi, 0 ft elevation

As a reminder of where we left off, yesterday Rebecca discovered that the front tires on our rental were completely bald. Since it was getting late and we had other things to sort out as well, we decided to push up our rest day to today. Thank you Jen and Tim for being so accommodating and letting us stay two nights!!

So while the rest of the team was sleeping in and having a delicious egg, hashbrown and pumpkin loaf breakfast prepared by Jen, JD and I hopped in the tow truck at 7am to go to Dulles airport to get a new rental… or so we thought. A couple of miscommunications later, we found ourselves in Springfield, VA, 45 minutes away from Dulles. After an hour of calls with Avis, we finally got in an Uber to the airport. 

Me and JD riding in the tow truck! You can see our Pacifica in the background

JD and I go to the Avis help desk to get our second rental, another Chrysler Pacifica. Since we wanted to avoid another bald tire incident, we checked the car before we left. I walked around the car and took a video of the outside while JD popped the hood to check the engine. Unfortunately, we learned from an Avis employee that we’re not allowed to inspect the car, so we closed the hood and got in the car. As we’re driving away, we hear a dragging sound, but it’s a bit faint, so we’re not sure if we’re imagining it. But as we’re exiting the rental, the employee points it out as well. So we turn back around and head back to the Avis help desk.

Ketchup packet found as we were illegally inspecting the car, whoops!

Phew okay now we get our third rental, another Chrysler Pacifica, but this time a hybrid! Whoa! We check the exterior briefly, but since we’re not allowed to inspect the engine in the Avis parking lot, we drive away to a nearby shopping mall to do it instead. The car looks good so we head back to the rest of the crew!

Dashboard of our third rental shows less than 7500 miles! Promising!

The rest of the team had been doing some logistics while we were away, looking at our budget, food, and the route for the next day. After JD and I get back, everyone but Cleo, Rebecca, and me go to Winchester to get their bikes checked and fitted and also get groceries for dinner and the next couple of days. Sophia planned and cooked a delicious Mediterranean dinner for us with regular and vegan meatballs, couscous salad, tzatziki, and more! A yummy end to a productive day. We fixed our bikes, got some groceries, and most importantly, a new car that works. Or so we thought...

Food prepared by Sophia, Cleo and Rebecca!


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