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Day 32: Sporty Spice Joined the Chat

July 06, 2023

Wichita, KS -> Pratt, KS

90.10 mi, 1759 ft elev gain

Hello, faithful readers!

I could have broken the streak of blogging on my drive days, but under the fear of torrential downpour I rode along with Lucy, Vin, and Joy in the car (I'll give you a minute to imagine how we configured ourselves into the car).

Our first stop was to restock on essentials (AKA Fairlife) at Costco since the next one we would encounter would be only in Colorado Springs. This was only Vin's second time at Costco and while I tried the new mango smoothie (delish- I recommend), Vin and Joy had the infamous hot dogs and chicken bake. Below is a compilation of images showings Vin's first bite and opinion of the chicken bake- an artistic rendition if you will.

I don't have many images of the ride to Pratt, KS because the smooth straight roads of Kansas lulled me to sleep in the car. But once we arrived we found Audrey and Andrew waiting for us! We were spending a night at the Pratt Recreation Center which meant after lunch Vin decided to relive his glory days and shoot some hoops. He did this for about 10 minutes before I barged in to shoot the backboard again and again and again...

(You can see he is sporting Spokes Yellow)

Frustrated at all the basketballs that came hurtling back at my face, I was able to recruit Audrey and we were able to play something I was finally good at- volleyball. Four years of high school volleyball did not teach me how to aim though, so I was chasing balls around the entire gym.

While we were working up a sweat on the court, Lucy was working up a sweat in the kitchen and prepared quinoa and beans! The rec center had wonderful facilities for us to cook and "shower" in!

The day ended quite slow with everyone easing into their night time routine- but not before an episode of Planet Earth (Sir David Attenborough if you are reading this we love you!)

(#notsponsored by milo's lemonade but we should be)


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