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Day 35: new state and time zone unlocked!

Sunday, July 9, 2023

Lakin, KS -> Lamar, CO

78 miles. 1,224 ft elevation gain.

our day got off to a great start with a luxurious hotel breakfast, where we devoured fluffy waffles with nutella (thank you again to the Victory Baptist Church for coordinating our stay in Lakin!).

we then got ready for our ride today, featuring a silly moment where Vin aired out Joy with the bike pump:

and we’re off! today’s ride was quite exciting (but still very flat). the route itself consisted of only three turns: one out of the parking lot and one onto highway 50, and then it was straight for 77 miles along the highway, with a final turn in Lamar, CO.

along the way, we hit some cool signs: first, we entered mountain time (gained an hour!), and later, we entered Colorado!! very excited to be in Joy’s home state :)

near Granada, CO, we visited the site of the Amache Japanese-American Relocation Center. while the buildings were demolished after WWII, the site has since been preserved to remember the wrongful imprisonment of Japanese Americans. i’ve included a few pictures of the informational panels on display at the site.

we made it to Lamar, CO! By now, we were starving, so Duha, Vin, and I had Chinese food for lunch nearby.

after an afternoon of relaxing, Joy cooked us a delicious dinner of grilled cheese and tomato soup!

as we were biking into town earlier, we spotted the local movie theater, which advertised its showing of Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse at 6:30pm. a lot of us have been meaning to watch the movie, so we figured it would be a fun team outing! we walked over to the theater, bought our tickets and concessions, and took a seat in the spooky, vintage art deco theater, excited for the screen to light up.

unfortunately, after a few minutes, a staff member came out to say that the theater was facing some technical difficulties, so they were not be able to show the movie, and instead would have to issue everyone a discount. we sat there for a second, stunned, as we had really worked up our excitement for this outing. here’s our reaction leaving the theater:

when we got back, we decided to put on our own movie night, and all huddled around Vin’s laptop to watch a few episodes of Schmigadoon! it was a fun way to close out the day :)


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