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Day 39: A Day in Denver and Boulder (AKA crashing Joy’s house)

Thursday July 13, 2023

Denver, CO -> Boulder, CO

0 miles biked

Our rest days allow us to explore the many wonderful places we visit. Since we would be leaving from Boulder to Idaho Springs, we had to get all of our bikes and supplies there without biking (because of the aforementioned rest day). Vin and I left bright and early to drop off our supplies in Boulder while the rest of the team explored downtown Denver.

Indy, Joy’s completely adorable-goofball-golden retriever greeted us at the door before her mom let us in. Because we hadn’t grabbed anything to eat before departing to Boulder, we stopped at a Boulder classic, The Buff, for some delicious brunch.

After brunch we went to pick up the rest of the gang and saw some amazing sights including the mountains, Ball Arena, Cathedrals, and parks.

After everyone was safely transported to Boulder we went tubing in Boulder Creek! Kat and Vin got a workout blowing up the tubes but they we soon rewarded with some fun rapids. Although on such rapids, Vin lost his beloved sunglasses. TBH we could have brough an air mattress like the guys in the last photo

After a hard day’s worked trying and failing to hold onto the tubes, we were greeted with the amazing cooking of Joy’s parents. This was truly a feast- complete with lobsters!

A side quest: Lucy began to crave some carrots but Indy saw and was jealous. After he finished his carrot he came back to see if he could get the rest of Lucy’s.

Safe to say the rest day was not spent resting but rather enjoying as much of Boulder and Denver as we could!


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