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Day 43: What I’ve Been Up to Post Crash

Monday, July 17th

Glenwood Springs, CO -> Paonia, CO

Distance: 74 Miles Elevation gain: 3,900 ft

Hello Y'all. Hope everyone is doing well. As you may know about a week ago, I got into a bike accident. I was biking behind Katherine and there was a large rock in the middle of the rock. I wasn't able to swerve in time and my front tire got caught, causing me to fall over onto my right side. The following day, I visited the doctor and fortunately did not break any bones or sprain any muscle. However, I haven't been able to bike since, but I'm recovering well! As a result from this crash, I've been mainly in the car for most of Colorado but I'm still making the most out of it by site seeing! Below are some activities I did since in no particular order.

As the spokes members mentioned, Colorado has been immensely beautiful with its mountains, lakes, rivers, and clouds. As joy and I were driving through on the highway, we found this pretty lake and decided to take a rest stop and walk around. There were people fishing, walking this dogs, and paddle boarding on the water.

Stopping in Frisco, Duha and I walked around their little downtown area filled with antique shops, gift shops, and restaurants. In one particular clothing store, they sold mystery boxes where the contents of the bag is worth 3X than what you pay for. Lucky for me, my bag seemed to have everything I wanted! In it, I got a nice pair of sunglasses and hat. Being hot in Colorado and the states we are busting through these would be very useful. There were also many cool souvenirs like this Colorado crew neck and a Colorado thermo flask with the state's flag! I also got a pair of great white shark socks that say "bite me" that I've starting to wear constantly. Overall a very satisfying purchase!

Normally when biking, I like to bike straight from the starting to the end point to avoid the mid day heat as much as possible. This normally means skipping out on nice breakfasts or lunches. Seeing how I'm not able to bike for the time being, I decided to treat myself and got this wonderful French toast filled with berries!

I stopped by Redstone, CO, which is a little village area nestled between some mountains and a river that runs along it. On the path, there was an antique store, art store, and thrift shop. However, what made this town interesting was the history of it back in the late 1800's. It was a large coal mining town, and they had large Coke furnaces still there that were used to burn off the impurities from the raw coal.

I visited the Black Canyon of the Gunnison National park. Although it wasn't the deepest Canyon, it was certainly the steepest. It was able to get this type of topography due to the fast moving water from the Gunnison river carving it more vertical than horizontal.

I also went up Copper Mountain and walked around, getting this delicious mini donuts. There was also a bike race going on in preparation for the Triple By Pass. As the bikers went through the finish line, we cheered with cow bells and pom poms that they handed out for free.


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