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Day 44: postcards and peaches in the desert (+updated fall count)

Tuesday, July 18, 2023

Paonia, CO->Grand Junction, CO

62.90 miles, 2398 ft gain

For those of you who haven't been updated about this, I got hit by a car two days ago, 80 miles in a 100 mile ride (missed out on a century again), so I've been in the car chilling with our other resident injured person, Andrew. As I've predicted, if I fell, it was be dramatic. See the crash site on Strava below.

However, this means I get to indulge in one of my FAVORITE pastimes - collecting and sending postcards. Here's a couple of the ones we've gotten recently.

We're almost in Utah in other news. Grand Junction is our last stop in Colorado and tomorrow we'll be in Thompson Springs, Utah! We're already out of the Rockies although mountains are always in sight. Grand Junction is right next to Grand Mesa which is the worlds largest flat topped mountain and it's really beautiful but super hot. It honestly reminds me a lot of my childhood in Albuquerque, but begs the question, how did my family and I survive there back then? I get bloody noses every day because it's so dry so I guess I'm no longer used to the climate but at the night, once the sun starts to wane and the clouds roll in I can see why people have been drawn to the American West and the allure of the deserts for centuries.

Furthermore, Grand Junction is right next to Palisade, home to famous peaches. My brother called me today while he was waiting for the bus back from work in Seattle, and even he's heard of Palisade peaches. Joys mum also recommended that we get these peaches so get peaches we did. Personally, my favorite peaches are when they're white and crunchy, and we got a flat of soft, yellow ones but even then they were pretty good. However, my favorite food of the day was the peach soft serve!

Updated fall count:

Andrew: 2

Audrey: 4

Duha: 1

Katherine: 1

Lucy: 1

Vin: 0


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