• Mariela Perez-Cabarcas

Day 58: If You Give a Cyclist a Rain Storm

Thompson Springs, UT -> Moab, UT

50 miles. 922 ft. elevation gain.

If you give cyclists a rain storm, they will want to sleep in.

If you let cyclists sleep in, they will want to eat breakfast at noon.

If you give cyclists breakfast at noon, they will start biking at 1.

If you let cyclists start biking at 1, they will stop at Jackass Joe’s Jerky stop for water.

If you give cyclists Jackass Joe’s gas station water, they will want ice cream and pictures with novelty stickers and painted cars.

If you give cyclists ice cream and novelty photos, they will want to bike to arches national park.

If you let cyclists bike through arches national park, they will want to take cool pictures and buy cute stickers.

If you let cyclists take photos and buy stickers, they will want to bike to the lazy lizard hostel in Moab.

If you let cyclists cycle to the hostel, they will want dinner.

If you give cyclists dinner, they will want frozen yogurt.

If you give cyclists froyo, they will want to look at the stars.

If you give cyclists stargazing, they will want to sleep peacefully in their beds.

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