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  • Katherine Guo

Day 58: limerick time

Tuesday, August 1st, 2023

Milford UT->Baker NV

82.96 miles, 4367 ft gain

In Baker, Nevada we arrived with cheer,

A small town near Great Basin, crystal clear,

At a 24-hr diner, breakfast began,

Kids meal for me, the pancakes a fan,

Ten inch giants too much to adhere.

With Joy and Lucy's help, I tried my best,

But those fluffy pancakes best the quest,

Mountains framed the flats landscape around

Nevadas beauty, in awe we found,

And only $6, a meal to invest!

A blend of Kansas and Montana's grace,

Nevada's allure, a breathtaking embrace,

At Stargazer Inn and RV Park we stayed,

Where SPOKES team's memories never fade,

Charming and welcoming, a perfect space.

The general store, a quaint delight,

Mochi ice cream on a warm night,

In the backyard we shared our tale,

A friendly cat's visit, a moment to hail

In Nevada's charm we found our light.

A book called "Cloud Cuckoo Land" I read,

Emotions stirred, tears were shed,

Galileo's tale I'll explore,

From the little library's store,

In Nevada's beauty, our hearts are fed


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