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Day 59: Guess who we met!!! (spoken word piece but it's written cuz it's a blog)

so maybe it's a poem then i don't know what this is

Wednesday August 2, 2023

Baker, NV -> Ely, NV

61.44 mi, 4,359 ft actually, it was 20 mi in ice cold rain fighting hypothermia until rescue by van


very loud cows mooing, but almost like they were screaming

in the wee hours of the morning we were woken

unzipped the tents to see the screaming cows


Audrey and Lucy were the fast ones, they were

eager to get a start on the day so off they took

biking west to our next stop

As we packed the tents we first

felt the drops of rain start to fall

and before long the desert was pouring

ice cold rain

while Vin, Kat, and Duha took shelter at the visitor's

center, me and Andrew rushed to rescue

window wipers beating the cow screams

were just the beginning the fog creeping

in the edges of the window shield as we raced

down the highway the thunder roaring

we saw ahead a tiny figure, pedaling through he storm

and we scooped up our Lucy and her bike and we picked

up Audrey, they were

drenched to the skin fighting hypothermia.

crazy crazy bikers.

aren't we?

The first of us arrived in Ely, where a generous donor

had provided us beds for the night (thank you)

Meanwhile, Andrew drove back to get the others

Highway 50 is called

the loneliest road

so lonely they gave us books to stamp

a 6 mile drive to the other visitor center

apricots, yum!

meanwhile, i took a four hour nap in the hotel room

meanwhile, they went to the park to cook dinner

and soon it flooded again and we raced to rescue them home.

at least Lucy got her tire fixed.

we decided to go to Rolberto's Mexican Food Ely.

I had my plate of food, a plate of beans and rice and carnitas and spicy spicy sauce, and I noticed a man standing in front of me, eyeing my sweatshirt. "You went/go to MIT?" -Bill, MIT Class of '8_, BC Bomber, Course 8 (yay! apparently my college degree is useful??) and 14, taking a road trip across America with his puppy who somehow stopped in Ely (pop. 4002) and wanted Mexican for dinner at the same time as 7 Spokes.

What are the odds????

Anyways, Bill, thank you for joining us for dinner, and for hanging out with us today! What a coincidence and how lucky are we to meet an MIT alumni like this, just by chance! Thank you for the stories of your old MIT shenanigans, and for listening to all of our lives and hopes and believing in us. It's opportunities and bump-ins like this that make this trip so memorable.


i have pics of the rain that may be uploaded when i get better wifi


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