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Day 60: Ms. Frizzle and Ely Learning Festival

Thursday August 3, 2023

Baker, NV -> Ely, NV

0 mi, 0 ft

We had our next learning festival after almost a month! Safe to say it was a nice break from biking and hiking as we donned our yellow Spokes shirts and biked to the White Pine County Library.

Audrey looked super cool biking with a lollipop vin bought at the Mexican store the day before.

We each were teaching about 3 sessions with three groups. For each learning festival Audrey makes a schedule- and our schedule is our bond-

We usually split the groups up by age and the little ones were sooooo cute.

Here they are building bridges with spaghetti and marshmallows in Audrey's workshop.

Andrew was teaching them how to CAD!

Lucy and her group making ELECTRICITY (cue Dr. Frankenstein music and laughter)

Kat using cabbage juice as a pH indicator.

Vin teaching about surface area and force by standing on cups!

For lunch we had some tasty sandwiches:

My activity is particularly messy- I call it diffusion through membranes but the kids call it making orbeez.

As the wise Ms. Frizzle says, take changes, make mistakes, and get messy!


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