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Day 63: our longest ride & road signs

Sunday, August 6, 2023

Austin, NV -> Fallon, NV

112 miles. 2,377 ft ft elevation gain.

this is our longest (!!!!!) ride of the entire trip, and not entirely by choice. we were under the impression that there was quite literally nothing between Austin and Fallon along highway 50, the loneliest road in America. turns out that there were a few exciting sites and stops, including:

  • the shoe tree (did it live up to its glowing review?)

  • Historic Pony Express and Overland Stagecoach sites: Cold Springs, Middlegate, and Sand Springs

  • Sand Mountain

112 miles later, we made it to Fallon! as i entered the town, i stopped to get a Fallon stamp in my US 50 survival guide, before heading over to the Fallon Youth Club, where we will be teaching tomorrow!

on the road, we've had a good amount of free time — even on a long day like this one, we usually get to our destination by 4pm, meaning that we have the rest of the afternoon to relax. as you may have seen in my packing list, i personally brought a sketchbook with me to fill that time. i made a series of drawings of road signs that are pertinent to cyclists — for both good and bad reasons.

here are the road signs we like:

here are the road signs we don't like:


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