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  • Katherine Guo

Day 65: state superlatives (minus California)

Tuesday, August 8, 2023

Fallon, NV->Carson City, NV

62.12 miles, 2059 ft gain

Hello! Since we're getting close to the end, I thought it would be nice to reflect on the journey so far. Here are some of my thoughts on all the states we've been to so far.

As a refresher here are the states we've been to in order:

Virginia, Kentucky, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Colorado, Utah, and Nevada.

Most mountainous

Nevada. It's actually one of the most mountainous states in the country according to a sign I read in Great Basin national park. I didn't bike too much in Nevada since I was having tummy issues, but even from the car, there were so many mountains, so many summits.

Most beautiful

Colorado, Utah, or Virginia. Colorado because of the Rockies and all of the lakes. Virginia because of all of the rolling hills and the trees! Utah for all of the rock formations. We actually were stuck in Utah for so long to look at all of the rocks in the national parks.

Best city

St. Louis, Missouri. We all had so much fun in St. Louis. The food and the beers and seltzers were so good! I loved the art museum, and the park was also so big full with things to do. Would definetely go back one day.

Nicest people

Kansas. Need I say more? Everyone I met in Kansas was so friendly!

Most surprising

Nevada. I thought Nevada would be flat desert. It is desert, but it's covered with sagebrush with valleys and mountains.

Interesting weather

Kansas. All of those tornado warnings, thunderstorms, and clouds. How could any other state compare?


Utah or Missouri. We were in Utah during the heat wave and temperatures were often 100+. Missouri was also 100+, but a lot more humid compared to the dryness of Utah.


Virginia. Probably because it was only June back then, but I was wearing leggings! However, honorable mention is Utah, just because Bryce Canyon was so cold at night.

Most bike friendly

Kansas. Cars are required by law to give cyclists 3 feet of space (the law in many other states, too, like in Colorado), but Kansans actually adhered to this law. The roads were also so nicely paved, which is always a factor.

Least bike friendly

Kentucky. Dogs that would chase you, potholes and washed away rail guards, unfortunately KY gets this one.

Best roads

Hands down, Kansas. Straight, completely paved roads. When we crossed into the Colorado, the difference was palpable.

Most construction

Colorado. Unfortunately I have no photos because who takes photos of construction, but there were multiple rides when I'd just bike in the work zone...which is illegal but when all you have is a bike there is no where to detour.

Best sunrises and sunsets

Utah. The red rocks really accentuate the rosy glow of the sun.


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