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Day 7: today in numbers + add to our spotify playlist!

Sunday, June 11, 2023

Roanoke, VA -> Draper, VA

66 miles. 4470 ft elevation gain.

hello friends! this is audrey blogging for our 7th day, but this was actually my first day of biking due to a medical issue that had me caught up for a few days. grateful for good health and happy to be here with the team!

first off, would love it if you could add a song (or more) to our team spotify playlist:

need more to listen to on the road!

recap of the day in numbers, based on my observations:

  • miles: 66

  • in smoots: 62414.3

  • climbs: 22

  • railroad crossings: 11

  • bridges: 23

  • staircases to bike down (don’t worry, we walked our bikes down): 1

  • groundhogs: 2

  • roadkill: too many (including a few snakes)

  • wrong turns: at least 3 (i was navigating oops)

  • movie theaters: 2

  • mailboxes: just kidding, i didn’t count those

  • cheapest gas price: $3.19

  • podcast episodes: 16

  • podcast listening speed: 2x

  • chia seeds for breakfast: many (thank you steve and barbara!)

it was a lovely ride today — some pictures below! the best part was reaching our destination, Curtis & Jennifer’s beautiful property. we had such a wonderful time meeting them and learning more about their winery!

enjoy the pictures & tune in tomorrow!


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