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Day 70: spokes superlatives!

Sunday, August 13, 2023

Placerville, CA -> Sacramento, CA

51 miles. 1,460 ft elevation gain.

hello! for my (delayed) last post, i wanted to wrap up with some team superlatives.

how well do you know us? try to guess each one!

most likely to...

fall asleep biking

find a shortcut

bike on the interstate

go off on their own adventure

lose a sock

dry their underwear on the dashboard

survive longest with only their bicycle in the middle of nowhere

give you kudos on Strava

get a KOM on Strava

get a flat

fall off their bike


host on warmshowers

be adopted by a warmshowers host

never camp again

feel at home wherever we go

become a teacher

befriend cats

send a postcard

get pulled over

get injured

wake up first

wake up last

do Spokes all over again





team spirit

passenger princess

bike snacks

i hope you enjoyed following along our journey and getting to know us through the blogs!

singing off,


P.S. Some pictures from the ride and from our time in Sacramento! Thank you so much to Andrew's aunt & uncle for hosting us!


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