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Updated: Jul 13, 2022

Hello everyone!

This is Franklin and I’ll be blogging about DAY TWO.

After a late start to our journey on DAY ONE (Ended up starting 2 hours behind schedule and arrived at our destination after dark. We spent most of the time trying to get our bike rack to fit on our vehicle that morning. ), we were determined to leave early today. We had pretty high hopes for the day! 7 AM we woke up, consumed a combined 18 eggs, a dozen muffins and a dozen waffles, waved goodbye to our warm showers hosts and headed out determined to make it through our ride with less charlie horses, less biking in the darkness, and generally more smooth sailing.

At least that was the plan.

After an hour of biking we took a nice break at Falmouth Beach. We jumped in the water for a quick splash (only Maxwell and I committed to a full swim), reapplied sunscreen and headed off again.

Then we had to bike through a cyclist’s worst nightmare. THE DREADED HIGHWAY INTERCHANGE. No sidewalks, no shoulders, no crosswalk, and no cars going less than 60 mph. Crossing that intersection was nerve wracking (Especially when one of our bike wheel axles came loose) and stressful, but we made it through!

We continued biking to our lunch spot, and we ended up sitting around a little shady area next to some cows. We ate our usual lunch. Tortillas, filled with sardines, some orange and dates, topped with siracha pesto. YUM. It’s becoming a Spokes staple.

After lunch I hopped off my bike and drove the support car for the rest of the day. An important task that needed to be done was to get a functioning bike rack. We’ve already sunk countless hours into getting our current rack to work properly despite the fact the rack is just incompatible with the model of our car. The first iteration of the bike rack involved something we like to call STRUCTURAL CHACOS™. Essentially a novel way to use premium outdoor footwear in order to structurally secure a bike rack for 3 bikes onto a vehicle. The next iteration, MODEL 2 involved adding some shower towels. Eventually when MODEL 5 failed, we decided that this bike rack just isn’t going to work out. I ended up driving approximately an hour out to get to the closest bike shop to buy a much needed bike rack replacement. But 3 blocks away from the bike shop, I got an emergency call from a panicked Simone……

Maybe having a pleasant, uneventful day of biking is just too much to ask for. This is it for DAY TWO PART 1. Tune in for the next blog post to find out what happened to Simone and the rest of the group. BLOG: DAY TWO PART 2 will be coming soon.

For now, enjoy some aesthetic photos of us biking today.

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