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Spokes 68: Reflecting by the lake

Friday, Aug 11 2023

Southlake Tahoe

0 mi, 0 ft climbing

Today was our last rest day of the trip!

The morning started late. I personally drowsed until 8am and woke up with a nice case of bed-head.

We packed up camp since tonight we're sleeping in a hotel with our rooms donated by the station house inn. The group then disbanded for breakfast. Andrew left early to bike around lake Tahoe. Duha, Joy, and Kat went out for bagels and I grabbed a breakfast sandwich and a vanilla Italian soda (I wanted something sweet, cold, and non-caffeinated). Afterward we bummed around the campground a little before heading out to lunch--cheap and tasty burritos! We checked into our hotel--two spacious rooms with a bed for everyone. Then Duha, Vin, Kat, Joy, and Audrey headed to Emerald Bay while I stayed behind to nap, edit videos, and try to get more ROTC done. The nap was incredible (someone had to test drive the beds and make sure they're up to our standards) and the Colorado video is hopefully coming soon.

Andrew returned from his ride but was sadly not unscathed. We got a bout of rain in his last couple miles returning to the hotel, and he ended up with a screw through his rear tire.

He got a lift from the returning van to our rooms and got it patched this evening. The team finished the day with a motley dinner. I went out for Pad Thai while others got five guys and panda express (we're always looking for cheap--extra emphasis on the cheap--eats especially since Tahoe is a pricey area).

It feels so surreal to be reaching all these "lasts." Last learning festival, my last blog, etc. It's exciting and bittersweet to be wrapping up this epic adventure, and I wanted to take some time to break down just what we've accomplished over the summer.

Mileage: We've biked around 3700 miles over 52 days (I'm not including the 16 rest/teaching days). Our average bike-day mileage is around 73 miles.

Calories: I've burned over 190,000 calories on this trip with an average of 2835 per day. (For reference a female of my height and weight who isn't doing a crazy bike trip needs ~1900 daily calories)

Teaching: We've taught 7 learning festivals reaching over 120 students ranging from 2nd to 11th grade.

We've had 4.5 flat tires(Two for Vin, 1.5 (one slow leak and one real flat) for me, and one for Andrew today), two urgent care visits, and 6 YouTube videos posted (so far) which is a pretty good record given seven bodies have biked this far. Hundreds of applesauce packets have been eaten, thousands of pictures have been taken, and it all adds up to one crazy, amazing summer. We've got our game faces on and can't wait to power through these last couple days. Stay tuned!



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