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About Spokes

Spokes is an MIT-based, non-profit, student-run initiative as part of an effort to rethink STEAM education. This year will be the 9th iteration of this program at MIT. 

This summer, Spokes is sending a team of 8  MIT students on a cross-country bike ride starting on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. and ending at the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. Over the course of 80 days, our team will bike over 4,000 miles and host Learning Festivals in small towns and correctional facilities. Our team is currently planning this year's route but you can take a look at the previous year's route in the meantime


We are a team of 8 students from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, MA. We all came to MIT to pursue our passions in math, science, art, design, and the humanities, but more importantly, we believe in sharing our knowledge with others to inspire future generations. Check out our biographies below to learn more about each one of us!


We create curriculums that complement each host's curriculum inspired by MIT's hands-on approach to education. We teach these workshops to schools, libraries, and summer camps all across the United States. We establish strong connections with communities, students, and host families along the way. We document our experiences. We sweat (a lot). We become a family.


Oh yeah...and we bike the whole 4,000 miles. 


We want to show that yes, engineers and scientists can be athletic too. We're breaking stereotypes. We're also stepping out of our comfort zones, physically and mentally. many people can say they've biked across the United States of America?


We'd love to do what we do for free, but with a trip this big, we need the support of dedicated individuals like yourself. We're looking to crowdsource $15,000 to make this trip happen, on top of large corporate sponsorships. If you are a cycling advocate or enthusiast, please consider supporting our journey. If you connect with our mission and want to help us reach out to kids across America, please consider supporting us.

Meet the Team

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